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Fame. Fortune.

Hmm. Somewhat unlikely. Then again, if you’re not doing this sort of thing because you love it, or simply can’t stop yourself, you’re a sap. I’ve had some luck in the publishing racket, having sold a couple books over the years. The money trickled in, more of a quiet stream than a torrent. The advance… Read More »Fame. Fortune.

A timely demise

Speaking of the physical object, the book or, in this case, the newspaper — I’m never far removed from strolling down memory lane. It wasn’t so long ago that I was editor of Greening Frogtown, a tabloid delivered door-to-door in St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood. Glamorous! An excellent opportunity to sell ads, take pictures, interview neighbors,… Read More »A timely demise

The physical book

People do go on about it. The feel of paper in your hands. The particular odor of an old book vs. a new book. The heft of the thing. So on and so forth. God bless those who feel that way. Somebody has got to keep the tree murder business going. I don’t much feel… Read More »The physical book

This new-fangled thing…

One of my pals from the olden days got in touch with me recently to ask, Hey, what about this e-pubishing thing? My initial thought was, hmm, tough luck, buddy. You’re asking me? Nonetheless, we’ll have lunch, I’ll yammer a bit, he’ll go away with some observations that might do him more good than my… Read More »This new-fangled thing…