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Patricia Ohmans, MPH, is a public health practitioner with extensive experience in community health programs. Before founding Health Advocates in 1997, she worked with a variety of institutions, including the University of Minnesota Medical School and School of Public Health, the Migrant Health Service, and the MN AIDS Project. Patricia has degrees in journalism and public health, lived in Latin America for 17 years, and speaks Spanish and Portuguese.


Garth Osborn has designed, led and evaluated health and development programs in 23 countries for over three dozen organizations and government agencies. He has also set up nonprofit organizations and been responsible for each of their primary functions -- program, administration, fundraising and financial management. His clients have included International Federation of the Red Cross, Centro, HealthPartners Research Foundation, Save the Children, USAID and ministries of health in several countries. With Patricia, he was co-author of the book — Finding Work in Global Health.


Anthony Schmitz is a veteran media specialist with broad experience in developing content for specific audiences. He has helped numerous organizations and individuals develop a clear and concise message for web applications. Anthony has written for publications ranging from the New York Times to the Frogtown Times, a newspaper he founded in St. Paul's most diverse neighborhood. His novels have been published in the US, Germany and Japan.


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